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Philips UVB Narrowband Lamps

Information re Philips Lamps. After 1000 hours of use the performance of the Lamps decline by only 15% and after 2000 hours the decline is 20%. They do not need to be replaced as the treatment time is very short, the life span of the Lamps is indefinite.

6ft Philips Narrowband replacement lamps containing 17% UVB

Proven Technology for Psoriasis Treatment (Why Accept Substitute Lamps?)

Clinical studies around the world have shown that Philips TL/01 Lamps are the most effective Lamps currently avaliable for the Treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other skin diseases.

Skinmatters Bristol offer a full lamp replacement service delivered by Philips main agent. NB Philips do not supply medical lamps to unqualified traders.