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Hospital Lamps

Philips Replacement Hospital Lamps

Philips UVB Narrowband TL/01 Lamps, as used in hospitals worldwide, is convenient, safe, comfortable & non-invasive to everyday living. It is the appropriate treatment for those suffering from PSORIASIS, VITILIGO, DERMATITIS & ACNE to both minimise & manage the associated symptoms.

Hospitals have used Philips UVB Narrowband TL/01 Lamps, with continued success, in excess of 20 years, which is why our units are fitted accordingly. If you have investigated Psoriasis treatment in the past you may have found on offer, cheaper lamps/units, whereby, the lamps are either unbranded or are manufactured in CHINA. These alternatives would NEVER be used in hospitals as they are unproven & contain an unknown UVB content.

Be Alert:

Important information which not all websites tell you, make an informed decision before purchase.

If you are currently receiving hospital treatment & are considering purchase of your own home Phototherapy unit, check the type of Hospital lamp being used. Ask your dermatologist which lamps he/she would recommend for the said purchase. The answer will be Philips UVB Narrowband TL/01 lamps in each instance. The lamps may be imprinted with UVB Narrowband but are they the GENUINE Philips article? The answer in NO! The lamps MUST be branded PHILIPS Narrowband TL/01, remember these lamps are the ONLY ones that are medically approved.

Some websites will claim to offer the identical tretment as Hospitals, but Hospitals only use Philips UVB Narrowband TL/01 lamps. If the units supplied do not contain Philips Lamps then how is this possible? All lamps made by Philips are branded “PHILIPS NARROWBAND TL/01” Insist on philips, the ONLY UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Lamps that are certified to be the safest on the skin. Hospitals would never use unbranded, substitute, unproven lamps.

You may find a DUBIOUS website stating “working in partnership with Philips” but surprisingly NOT supplying Philips Lamps. They may even quote “UVB narrowband TL/01 for psoriasis, & say words like “philips electronic ballasts” thus, misleading people to belive that they also supply Philips lamps. They also state hospital results & providing quality brand names such as Philips” NOTE CAREFULLY: the dictionary definition of the word “SUCH” ..specific, but not known or similar! You may even see a video, above which, states “Philips UVB narrowband lamps TL/01” BEWARE! DO NOT ASSUME that these lamps/units on offer will be Philips. There are many imported versions without Philips proven technology. CLARIFY & CONFIRM BEFORE PURCHASE. Also, why consider an extended 2 year warranty when Genuine Philips lamps have a life expectancy of 2000 hours before there is any decline in efficiency? REMEMBER, authentic Hospital lamps will ALWAYS be branded thus: “PHILIPS NARROWBAND TL/01” DO NOT take risks with unknown, unbranded, substitute lamps. There are no bargains to be had with these offers! .N.B. GENUINE PHILIPS LAMPS ARE SOLD VAT FREE

Genuine Philips TL/01 Lamps

Genuine Philips TL/01 Lamps

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